AD HOC Committee


Adopted 9-11-2015


The Ad Hoc Committee shall study and recommend actions in regard to any matter which the Board determines relate to the purposes for which PLAMHO was created.

The Ad Hoc Committee shall upon the request of a Member review any grievances filed by such Member against the owner of the community.


Any Member who is an owner of a mobile/manufactured home in the Pine Lakes community can seek the assistance of the Ad Hoc Committee.

Members shall not be required to be current in their dues payments to PLAMHO or AAMHO to seek assistance.

Members shall attempt to resolve issues with management prior to filing a grievance with PLAMHO.

PLAMHO shall not consider grievances filed by one Member against another Member. Such grievances may be filed with Community Management for possible disposition.

PLAMHO will not report to Management any alleged violation of the Rules and Regulations.

PLAMHO may, upon request provide Members with assistance in formulating correspondence to management.

Homeowners should follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Identify the clause in the Landlord and Tenant Act which covers the complaint.
  2. Formulate a letter to park management outlining the scope of the complaint and the desired resolution. Request a timely response from management.
  3. Deliver the letter to management.
  4. Get response.
  5. If the problem is not resolved contact the AD Hoc committee for PLAMHO assistance. Al Jessup, Chair, Ph. 445-1393 or
  6. Determine further action through PLAMHO, or ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) petition.