Pine Lakes Firewise Project     

     In December of 2017 Michelle Leiva (Pine Lakes Office Manager)and a few residents met to talk about the Firewise USA program. They soon learned that this was a great national program and Pine Lakes should become a recognized Firewise community . After that a board was formed to execute the program. Your Firewise board is Rick Moshier , Debra Socolick ,SteveTekesky, Howard Boice and Phil Riggs. Your Firewise team cut our first branch on February 1st 2018. We started this program to reduce the threat of a wildfire in our community . Our plan was to start off with some volunteers and it is truly amazing how this program took off. We started out our first day planning to work twice a month. When we concluded the first day all the volunteers asked if they could work every week . After our third week we had a request from residents that wanted to be apart of this great cause . They asked us to move the day from Thursday to Wednesday because they were involved in other events we have going on in the community. All the volunteers agreed, so we worked every week and moved the day . Those residents are still coming out every week. It was truly amazing that our community is the fastest community to be a USA recognized Firewise community in the nation. Who would have ever thought. This would not have been possible without the support from the community. There has been over 39 residents that help out clearing brush. Over one hundred residents have donated to the program. They have either donated cash, water, trash bags, tools and even lunches for the crew. There are also residents that just drive by and say thank you for making our community a safer place to live. This program is building a great community. The volunteers have met lots of residents . Those residents are now becoming involved not only in Firewise but in other great events that our community has to offer. This program is now so much more then just brush removal. 

     Because of the amount of community involvement Arizona State Fire Dept. donated the Perryville Fire Crew for two fantastic days. They worked on clearing brush with the volunteers . The volunteers also made lunch’s for the crew. They are still talking about our community . The volunteers also donated care packages to the fire crew to simply say Thank You.  The crew loved them and the volunteers were happy to give something back. The county has a Commission called the Prescott Area Wildland Urban interface (PAWUIC) and Pine Lakes is very well known to them also. Your Firewise team also put on a few fundraisers that were very successful . We had a chili dinner ,
pancake breakfast and the Firewise Carnival. We have plans on having the fire crew come back early this year to help with a few areas of heavy brush. We will let the community know when they will be back. I am very proud of how this program is not only helping to reduce our risk of a wildfire. It is really building community . On behalf of all the volunteers we would like to thank the community for their continued support. 

     Pine Lakes is doing so well on the Firewise program that Rick Moshier and Debra Socolick were selected to attend a Firewise Communities Assessor and became certified Firewise Assessors. The county course was held here at Pine Lakes so they could show the class what your Firewise team has accomplished . Rick Moshier has helped in the county by speaking to other communities in Yavapai county. We applied for a title 3 forest fee grant program and Pine Lakes was awarded a $10,000 grant. Your Firewise team is planning to use the grant monies to hire the Perryville fire crew this year to continue our Firewise project . We would also like to thank the people in the community that have helped us reach our goals . Jake Guadiana AZ State Fire, Patrick Rappold The University of AZ, Dan Cherry Yavapai County Flood Distract , Steve Lambardo PAWUIC .

     The following is a list of the volunteers that have helped out clearing brush and making Pine Lakes a great community
Rick Moshier. Tina Moshier. Debra Socolick .Steve Tekesky. Howard Boice. Phil Riggs. Bob Soto. Phyllis Soto
Peter Hitchcock . Alleyn Kinney . Judy Kinney .Denny Laveen. Michel Bleifer. Claudia Bleifer .Dennis Anton.
Bill Thompson.Melva Bohn. Curtis Wilson. Wally Lampe. Kris Lampe. Shelly Duran. Vera Maxwell. Rita Delitta.
Jamason Delitta. Don Babcock. Dave Delong. Kim Fieldstad. Tex Province. Richard Oswall. Peggie Oswall. Larry Ellis
Debbie Ellis. Tom Halbrook. Bonnie Heard. Gabby Lomis. Frostine Reus. Darold
Special thanks to the volunteers for their hard work and dedication to the Firewise project .

     Remember we live in an area where a wildfire is always a concern . It’s not if there will be a wildfire its when.

Rick Moshier