PLAMHO President’s Message


PLAMHO ( Pine Lakes Association of Mobile Homeowners) was formed in 2003 as a 501c4 corporation, and as an affiliate chapter of AAMHO, the state association representing the interests of mobile homeowners. 
At that time membership was required in both associations. PLAMHO’s mission was to assist residents in matters affecting their health, safety and wellbeing as covered under the provisions of the Landlord Tenant Act, the law protecting mobile homeowners and spelling out their rights and responsibilities under the Act.
During this period it was common for park residents across the state to look on park management in an adversarial light. The common method of redress was by filing a petition through the Administrative Law Judge in the presiding State department. AAMHO originally assisted residents with the preparation of petitions and the filing process.

It became evident to AAMHO over the years that petitions were more frequently resolved in favor of management than the tenants, for any number of reasons ranging from poorly documented petitions to the simple fact that park managers were better prepared and had more resources at their disposal to contest claims.

Even when decisions were rendered in favor of the homeowner, there was no method of enforcing the judge’s decision without filing a claim in Superior Court which could cost up to $20,000 to do, a sum far beyond the resources of most mobile homeowners.
About five years ago AAMHO began promoting the idea of communication and cooperation with park management and adopted the motto “Cooperation not Confrontation” which PLAMHO also adopted as a motto.
During the last three years there have been no formal requests for petitions and indeed PLAMHO has had few if any complaints requiring board action for violations of the Act.

About four years ago the requirement of AAMHO membership in order to belong to PLAMHO was dropped, although membership in AAMHO is strongly encouraged. AAMHO is the only organization protecting the interests of mobile homeowners through their lobbyist and legislative committee.

In 2017 PLAMHO updated the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation to more clearly define PLAMHO’s mission and responsibility. It is important to note that PLAMHO is an advisory board only, and unlike HOA’s has no authority or ability to make rules or pass regulations. (PLAMHO Bylaws, Article !!, Section 2.1)

PLAMHO representatives built a strong rapport with management and enjoyed meaningful dialog on issues of importance in a spirit of mutual cooperation. Concerned that Pine Lakes had no emergency notification system, in 2015 PLAMHO spearheaded a fundraising program among residents to purchase an emergency call system for use by management to ensure there was a method of timely notification in case of emergencies and for use in sending general information.

As another step in providing meaningful support for residents and management, three years ago, recognizing that Pine Lakes lacked any written procedures for evacuation PLAMHO commissioned a brochure outlining a comprehensive fire evacuation plan for the park. PLAMHO has continued to supply this brochure to management for insertion in new resident packages, as well as for distribution through the greeter program and at safety seminars. This brochure received praise from the Sheriff’s Jeep Posse which is in charge of Pine Lakes evacuation, as being very well written with comprehensive guidelines for residents.

PLAMHO also reviews outside projects and activities which may affect resident’s safety and welfare. A recent example was the re-opening of the Kirkland Mine. PLAMHO voiced concerns over the increased traffic hazards mine traffic would bring as well as the possible dust hazards for the material being transported, and wrote a number of letters to county, state and government officials in opposition to the mine. In addition PLAMHO representatives attended meetings to ensure they had the latest information on the issues.

PLAMHO continues to monitor matters affecting the community.