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April 2020 Newsletter

Our newsletter name is now Trail 316 Community News. As we mentioned last month, our newsletter now has a new name due to the fact that Hometown Pine Lakes claims that they now have a monopoly on the words Pine Lakes. Fortunately the City of Prescott and the National Forest Service do not share that opinion.

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March 2020 Newsletter

Circumstances beyond our control necessitate a change in the title of our newsletter. Although the title may change we will still endeavor to bring you the same interesting news, as always, “Written By Residents For Residents” believing that an informed community is a better community.

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February 2020 Newsletter

February has arrived, the month of love and the celebration of Valentine’s day with candy and romantic gestures. However, Valentine’s day didn’t start off that way but had its origin in the ancient Roman fertility rite of Lupercalia Fast forward to Saint Valentine himself.

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January 2020 Newsletter

It’s the beginning of a new decade and may we also hope, the beginning of a good year for Pine Lakes residents, a year to enjoy the peaceful lifestyle we all wish to savor here without unnecessary intrusions into our lives.

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October 2019 Newsletter

Our “October Surprise” letter came a little early this year, notifying us of the proposed rent increase. Although expected, this increase would be…

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