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March 2021 Newsletter

As we slowly creep towards “normalcy” whatever that may be, the arrival of the COVID vaccine gives hope that the progress of this pandemic and the new mutations can finally be arrested and we can again enjoy the activities we once took for granted and perhaps failed to appreciate fully.

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February 2021 Newsletter

February will hopefully provide a little breathing space to recover from our epic snowfall which may become known as “The Great Snowfall of 2021.” Although the Daily Courier says that our “Snowmageddon” of 2019 was heavier than this one it certainly seems as if we had more snow in this higher elevation this time.

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November 2020 Newsletter

November is a month of thankfulness, first for the sacrifices of our veterans and then for the familiar celebration of Thanksgiving.

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October 2020 Newsletter

As the Fall season progresses we can look back on what was surely the strangest summer many have spent in years. Between the total lack of monsoon rains and the COVID-19 pandemic our normal activities were severely curtailed.

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