Bylaws of Pine Lakes Residents Association


ARTICLE I  Organization


  1. Name:  The name of this association shall be Pine Lakes Residents Association, hereafter referred to as “the Association”.
  2. Purpose:  To provide and manage recreational and social activities for all residents of Pine Lakes Manufactured Home Community.


ARTICLE II  Elected Officers and Directors


  1. Board of Directors:  The elected Board of Directors shall consist of not more than nine voting members including elected officers. 
  2. Officers:  The elected officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  At the discretion of the Board, the office of Second Vice President may be created if deemed necessary.  The Immediate Past President may remain on the Board for up to one year and shall have voice but no vote. 
  3. Directors:  Elected Directors may number from three to five and shall perform the duties outlined as well as other tasks as directed by the Board. 
  4. Term of Office:  All Directors and Officers shall serve for a term of one year with the option of serving two additional years if re-elected, not to exceed more than three years total. 
  5. Vacancies:  Board vacancies may be filled by appointment of the President with the approval of the Board.  Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice President shall assume that role to serve out the remainder of the President’s unexpired term.  If there are both a First and Second Vice President, the First Vice President shall become President and the Second Vice President shall assume the First Vice President’s role. 


ARTICLE lII  Duties and Powers


  1. Duties of Officers:
  1. A) The President shall preside at all meetings, and appoint the Chairs of all Standing and Ad Hoc committees with the approval of the Board. The President shall monitor all Board activities, and exercise general supervision over all planned recreational and social activities.
  2. B) The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence and shall carry out other responsibilities as assigned.
  3. C) The Secretary shall take minutes and maintain a written record of all Association meetings for future record and handle all correspondence and other duties as delegated by the President and Board.
  4. D) The Treasurer shall accept and record all monies received and deposit same in the Association bank account, pay all bills which have been approved by the Board and report the financial status of the Association at each Board and General meeting. The treasurer shall keep a written record of monthly reports for future records.  
  1. Duties of Directors:  Directors shall be voting members of the Board and shall have such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to them by the President. 
  2. Committees:  Standing Committees shall be the Nominating Committee and the Events Committee.  Ad Hoc Committees may be created by the Board as deemed necessary. 


ARTICLE IV  Meetings


  1. Meetings:  General meeting of the Association shall be held quarterly on dates determined by the Board.  The Annual meeting and Board election shall be held in November on a designated date.  Board meetings shall be held monthly on a date to be determined by the Board.  Special meetings may be called by the President or upon written request of at least three Board members and may be held at any time deemed necessary. 
  2. Notice:  Notice of General, Special, or Annual meetings shall be posted on the Association bulletin board, and may also be given by electronic communications or through the community website.




  1. Amendments and Revisions:  Notice of amendments or revision to the governing documents (Bylaws) shall be posted at least two weeks prior to the date of the scheduled meeting.  Notice and copies of the proposed amendments or revisions may also be given by electronic means.  Amendments and revisions must have been approved by the Board prior to being posted and must be adopted by a two-thirds affirmative vote for adoption. 
  2. Voting:  Any person on title may vote at all General, Special and Annual meetings.  Voting members must be homeowners.




ARTICLE VI  Dissolution


  1. Dissolution:  A motion to dissolve the Association must be presented at a General, Annual or Special meeting.  A vote to dissolve the Association requires a three-quarter majority of the voting homeowners present.  Upon dissolution of the Association, the Treasurer shall pay all the liabilities of the Association.  Distribution of any remaining assets may be made to a successor organization or charitable organization as determined by the Board.


          In Witness Thereof:  These Bylaws of the Pine Lakes Residents Association are

adopted as set forth above.



_____________________________President    8/13/19         Date 


Secretary’s Certification:

The undersigned does hereby certify that the foregoing Bylaws constitute the Bylaws of the Pine Lakes Residents Association as adopted by two-thirds vote of the homeowners and voting members present at a meeting duly called and held on the 13th day of August 2019.


________________________________Secretary      8/13/19     Date