Pine Lakes Residents Association Statement of Policies

These policy statements as adopted shall be an addendum to the Association Bylaws and be made a part of same.

Policy statements may be changed by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors at any regular

Advertising Policy:

The purpose of the Resident Association article in the current newsletter is to alert the residents of the Pine Lakes community to activities and events sponsored by the Association.

People and businesses may submit paid advertisements. The Board reserves the right to reject advertisements deemed inappropriate for the newsletter

Any Pine Lakes resident wishing to advertise a business or service shall be entitled to a free business size advertisement in the current Newsletter. Advertisements of any other size shall be paid for at the current advertising rates charged by the Residents Association


Events which are sponsored and organized by the Residents Association must adhere to the following procedures:

To assist the Board in budgeting and yearly planning anyone in charge of an event must complete an event worksheet and give it to the PLRA President at least thirty days before the proposed event. This document must contain details of the event, and detailed budget requirements.

All projected expenditures must be included in the budget and any other unexpected expenses must first be approved by the Board or PLRA President. Monies spent without authorization will be considered donations and will not be reimbursed.
The Board must give prior approval for all PLRA sponsored events.

The president may designate a person to collect monies at events, including but not limited to admission, raffle money, 50/50 cash etc. All money collected shall be totaled and given to the Treasurer or President immediately if either are present, or no later than 24 hours following the event if they are not.

Financial Procedures

Petty Cash in an amount to be determined by the Board may be kept on hand by the Treasurer for immediate use.

All other monies shall be deposited in the Association bank account in a timely manner.

All bills must be itemized and submitted to the Treasurer within seven days of an event.

No donations or extraordinary payments shall be made without the prior approval of the Board.

Organizational Procedures

Event Chairs shall be responsible for preparing a description of the event procedures for inclusion in an Operating Manual to be maintained for the benefit of future chairs.

Association property shall be inventoried at least once annually to determine what purchases may be needed to ensure adequate supplies for the year’s events.

Table assignations for special events such as Yard Sale, Craft Shows etc. shall be allocated one per person applying with any tables remaining to be distributed through a random drawing.

Welcoming Committee:

The position of Greeter/s is a very important one as this person/s creates the first impression of our community for many new residents. Up to two people may be named to this position. This person/s shall be appointed by the Board with the approval of management. The duties of this position are to explain Association programs, invite their participation and provide general community information along with a copy of the Resident Association Bylaws to new residents

These policies are hereby adopted this 18th day of October, 2016